Friday, February 12, 2010

Paging All Pages...

Senator Patricia Miller with Doodle and her buddy

Yesterday Doodle and her best buddy, who happens to be the oldest daughter of my buddy, Lainie, were able to go to the state house and be pages for the day. This is a very exciting thing for any child truly. In Indiana, you have to be 12 years old before you can be a page and she has been waiting her turn patiently. What makes this more special for our family is that the State Senator she paged for is none other than her grandma. (Matt's mom) Grandma has a passion for politics and an even bigger passion for her grandchildren. She took the girls to lunch and had a special job for them to do after their tour of the state house. What a day! Here are a few pictures of thier big day together....
Grandma with Doodle....I wonder who enjoyed this day more?

Doodle doing official "page" job...or posing, you decide. :)

Grandma introduced her special pages to the other senators.

Grandma and Doodle in front of the Seal of Indiana.

At the end of the page day, Grandma arranged for the girls to go down to the Governor's office to get pictures with the Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Indiana. That was the first thing I heard about when they both got in the car. I think this was one of those memories the girls will remember for a long time and Grandma will cherish forever. Thanks for taking care of our girls and showing them how things run down at the state house, Grandma! We love you and are so glad you represent Indiana and your family with grace and dignity. Not many politicians can say that now. We are so glad you are ours!!!
Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman with Doodle and E.S.

The girls with Governor Daniels.

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