Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Baker's Dozen!

2009 school picture

Today is Doodle's birthday. Thirteen years ago today, I met my girl. Matt and I got to go to the hospital to meet her, feed her and love on her. What a special memory that is. I will never forget it. So, today I honor my girl, who is quite the lovely young lady. I am amazed at how much advice I have gotten about having a 13 year old girl lately. None was positive. Saddens me really. I think we get what we expect from our kids. So with that in mind, let me just celebrate this 13 year old girl today by listing 13 wonderful blessings of Doodle!

1.) Doodle has always hummed when she eats food she enjoys. Started when she was eating with a bottle and still to this day it is true. Don't believe me....bring over chocolate cake and listen! Sweet!

2.) I adore this girls sense of humor. She makes me laugh over some of the silliest things whether it be dressing up and acting like there is nothing wrong or her endless catalog of jokes. Love it!
Doodle and her critters!
3.) I love to listen to her giggle. I always have. When she gets that gut busting giggle going, oh my, I can't help but join in. What a complete joy!
She adores getting muddy...never figured that out since she can't stand to have dirty hands. Hmmm...
4.) It touches my heart so much to see my girl stepping up to greater responsibilities without being asked....she gets it. With age comes responsibilities. Some kids hate it, she thrives on having more because that means we trust her and know she can handle the task at hand. Love her drive! I never have to get on Doodle to do her school work, house work, any work. I love her work ethic. She sees a task that needs done, she does it.

5.)I love to listen to Doodle play the piano. She has such passion that comes through and shows her heart in the music. Sounds quirky but it is true.

6.) I adore how Doodle enjoys playing still. She has days she wants to just read or watch a movie but she often is found playing with her sister or other family friends. It does not bother her to morph back into her childhood and become something from her imagination with her little playmates. I love that she is not "too big" to do this still.
Doodle dressed up like a dinosaur! RRRROOOAAARRR!

7.) I love her heart for people. She sees in people things I don't always see and she keeps me honest in that.
Doodle with her science fair project~ 2010

8.) Doodle is the most disciplined kid I know...and not just with work, school etc. She would rather eat a salad at home than head out to eat. She has a passion for taking care of the body God gave her. I love seeing how she desires to be healthy and not just focus on looks.
Doodle with her team's Bible Bowl trophy...2nd in Nationals in 2009!

9.) Doodle enjoys being protected and kept young. Some of her friends and cousins seem to be in such a hurry to grow up and honestly I would have been like that. However, Doodle is not. She loves movies that others would say are "babyish" or that we don't watch shows on tv that promote boyfriends/girlfriends. She loves feeling protected by her parents. She trusts us fully to tell her no and understands that no is not to be unkind and has never questioned it. I have offered her more freedoms as she has aged and she prefers the safety of our boundaries.

10.)I love Doodle's passion for the things she adores: horses, ballet, science, swimming...musicals! She gets you all excited by just listening to her new ventures.

11.) Doodle loves her friends very much. While that is true, she loves being with her family even more....including her cousins. I love that she is wired to want to be with them and that family comes before friends.

2006~ Doodle and one of her best buddies Em

12.) I love this girl's new fashion bug! This is new and very fun. We spend many mornings out with a fashion show of sorts until she figures out what she wants to wear. She has a desire to figure out what works together and why....or why not. What I love about this new fashion bug....she doesn't want to look like every other 13 year old girl. Nope! No carbon copy here! She likes having her own style and it is modest and sweet!

13.) Most of all, I love this girls passion for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't know many adults who have the dedication she does. Every week at church she takes notes during the sermon. Upon arriving home, she draws a picture or makes a poster with a challenge or scripture to help her work on an area mentioned during the sermon. Wow! That gets posted on her wall and I see her working on it. Now if only her mom could do that! :)
Doodle's new chess while talking to a friend. :)
I love you very much, Doodle! You could not be more beautiful if you tried, inside or out. I see in you such joy and hope. I pray you never lose your zest for life and your love for the Lord. I also pray you never fit in to what the world says is matter how much they want to make you try. I love that you enjoy being your own person and see the glory in being who God made you to become. I am eager to see what God has in store for you as you begin this new journey to adulthood. :)
Love ya girl! Hugs!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

When In Need...

This week I have found myself sick....really sick! What started off as a bad head cold ended up being a nasty sinus infection as well as ear ache and throat issues. I have not been hit this hard in quite a while. Last time was probably about 3 years ago. With that comes the reality that when momma is down, stuff just doesn't happen like it usually does. Nothing bad happens, it is just different.

I always find it a lovely time to be pampered by those you love. I know I always am so touched by the sweet gestures shown me during times of being down by both my honey as well as my girls. Each of them have ways they reach out to let me know they are thinking of me and wanting me to get better.

I also find these times a great gauge of what areas I still need to work on teaching domestic skills to my girls. At their ages, they are getting to where they don't need me to tell them what to do any longer as far as taking care of their rooms, self and such. However, this time I learned we need to work on meal planning and making dinner. Very good goal. :) I was touched by friends who brought me meals. I think it is times like this that leave me feeling quite appreciative and grateful that I live the life I have with the people God has blessed me to share it with.

So today, I am saying thank you to the man who took care of me all week by treating him to a lovely Bond Day! He is propped up in our bed watching James Bond galore while eating his favorite treats. Definately not my cup of tea, but if that makes him know that all he did for me this week was appreciated than I am thrilled to ablige. :) He is so cute sitting there with his loot and mote in hand. I pray I never take for granted those who take such care of me and that opportunity to spoil them when I have the chance. :) Today it is Matt, tomorrow my girls! Thanks for taking care of me so well my sweet family.

Missing My Buddies

Last night, I sat and wiped away the tears from one of my girls cheeks as she poured her heart out about how much she misses a sweet buddy of hers. This past year, there has been a shift in this buddy's life and that shift has brought about enough changes that my girl and her buddy just don't mesh up like they use to, which is hard no matter how old you are. ;( I wish I could fix this but I can't. I know it has to do with the fact that we homeschool and they do not. They are just sharing life together which is sweet to watch....until I scan the room and see my daughter's face. :( They have no idea how it stings and truly it is not their fault. We have chosen this lifestyle which I never dreamed would get harder as time went on....I mean the choice not the life! Ha! As I reassured her and listened, I started thinking about my own life as well.

Since homeschooling, I have become very introverted and isolated. I usually do fine with that but there are times I see groups of moms out and I think....I miss my friends!!! Then I scan the room and I see their girls. The lovely young ladies that assist me daily, teach me how to become a better woman/wife/mom by desiring that for them, the ladies that I would rather spend every second of my day with than out and about with anyone other than their daddy. So the question then it worth it?

Is the lifestyle we have chosen for our family worth the heartache it is causing our girls with missing out on activities because they don't go to that school or are not allowed to do that yet? Is it worth it to not have lunch dates with my friends and instead stay home and eat PB&J with my girls singing crazy songs? You bet it is! It is worth every single sacrifice we have made. But this one, the buddy she loves so much, this one is the hardest one I have had to make or asked her to make and yet when asked if she would want it differently.....the answer was no. She does not desire to go to the school they attend nor does she want to do the things they are doing that she is not yet ready for.....she just misses the buddy. Totally understand. One day she will see that the tears she shed last night were not for nothing. This buddy will always cherish their friendship but for now, I wipe away the tears and remind myself that with every choice we make their are consequences that are good and some that sting. Today, this momma is feeling the sting and clinging to the choice we made almost 8 years ago.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heart Issues

Lately, I have been finding myself having to apologize to people I have hurt with my words. Hmm, shouldn't I be old enough to be able to hold my tongue by now? Gracious! Having to do so has made me stop and think....why are there times I can control that tongue with no problem and others where I can't seem to muzzle that thing to save my life!?! After going before the Lord with this and then considering the areas I have been helping my girls with this same issue, I realize that it ultimately is a heart issue.

My days have been so busy with getting school plans done, house purged and cleaned, co-op plans, more co-op plans, emails from co-op, and yet more emails from co-op that I got weary and did not lean on God to meet those needs. Instead, I relied on myself. When I am trying to tackle life on my own I will always find that I struggle to keep my tongue in check. Same is true for my girls. So if that is true, I know it to be true, why do I ever walk out of my room or my house with out pouring my heart before my God? I pray that as I seek forgiveness for my short tones, sharp words or snarky attitudes the past couple days that I will remember to seek first the kingdom of God in all ways....especially before I speak! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Praying For Your Man

On my knees, I seek guidance and peace as I lift up many concerns, praises and requests to my precious Abba Father. I love coming before God with my heart and leaving it wide open the rest of the day for Him to sift through all that is in there, leaving only things that bring Him glory....when I allow Him to do so. One thing I have learned over the years of being married to this man God has given to me so wisely.....nothing brings us closer than when I open my heart in such a way and pour out my feelings, concerns and desires for this man to the One who gave him to me 19 years ago. When I walk away from that time, I feel peace. A peace that surrounds me the rest of the day. But there is also a bonus! I find myself thinking of Matt the rest of the day and suddenly....there it is again....that giggly school girl excitement to see his face again. The feeling I had when we first met and I couldn't wait for him to call so I could hear his voice. God truly blesses us when we come before Him on each others behalf. That blessing, I believe, is that spark you see in couples who have been married decades! Give it a try! What do you have to lose?
My man and me

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

50th Anniversary Trip

We recently went on a trip with my husband's entire family celebrating his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. It was a big trip out east. We hit Washington D.C. first, then headed to New York City and ended in Niagra Falls on the Canadian side. It was great to see things I have never seen before with my girls. I enjoyed getting to spend more time with my neice and nephew on that side, which is something we don't get to do as often as we do with my side since we all live so close together. We made some great memories together. Here are a few:

All four grandkids in front of the Capitol Building

And in the Supreme Court before eating in Senate Dining Room

Miller Girls and Lady Liberty

Miller Girls at Niagra Falls

All 10 of us in back two rows! White Water Jet Boat ride...sooo fun!!!

This trip got me to thinking though, what kind of legacy will I be living when we are married for 50 years? What does our marriage say to our girls? the cousins? even siblings? I pray that it is one that shows Christ as the center, Matt as the head and me as the heart. I pray that when they see us interact, they see kindness and compassion. I pray they see love in our actions and our words. I pray that there is that spark that you know those two people still just enjoy one another like crazy. I don't think that is too much to ask for or to work towards at all. Thanks to Matt's parents for such a great trip. We sure are grateful to be able to go and celebrate your 50 years together with your entire family together. Happy 50th!
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