Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally Here Again!

We have had such a wonderful first semester to our school year. Our new co-op has made this the best year yet. Doodle has been writing wonderful poems, stories and reports in her writing class. I was amazed to see just what the teacher was able to pull from her. It is such a blessing to see this talent soar. She is also really enjoying her science class as well. I think Spanish is fun for her but it truly difficult. They are using a high school book. She is in 4th grade. So naturally it will be tough.

Bean is reading! She is really sounding out everything she sees. She is able to read the Dr. Seuss books and is so proud of herself. So now we are working on getting her confidence built in reading so she can soar.She wants to read chapter books so badly. So I know she will keep working until that goal is reached. She did start piano lessons in September. I had told her once she could read Green Eggs and Ham, she could take lessons. So that was a big moment. She loves Spanish at our co-op. That is her favorite class. I think co-op has helped her most in coming out of her shell. She is really starting to stretch her wings. It is great to be able to watch her make friends and not need Mommy there to tell her what to say.

We have really enjoyed our new curriculum from MFW. It has been great to study the different countries we have learned about so far. We have visited three continents since August and will finish up the other four next semester. The girls love the passport and learning about the different cultures. I love seeing them excited about learning. We have done several projects while studying the countries. Some are lapbooks others are more crafty. The girls just love to bring learning to life that way.

I am really working on preparing the house for Matt's surgery next week. He is having surgery on his knee. We pray he will be back to normal and able to run by spring but only time will tell. Meanwhile, I am trying to get the house ready for crutches to be used without falling! So I better get back to work. Can't wait until Christmas. Shopping is all done. Cards are sent. Now we can focus on celebrating Jesus' birth. What a joy!
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