Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Update

Hello, blog world! :) It has been way too long. School is out for us and we are able to totally enjoy our summer days. This week is VBS for Bean, which she is loving. Doodle started summer dance as well. Matt is off on his IDA business trip and well,that leaves me. So you ask, what am I up to this summer? READING!!! I have also been cleaning my house. Boy, does it feel good to have the chance to really get in a room and deep clean it. I am just very negligent of that kind of cleaning through the school year. We do tidy up, dust and sweep but the accumulation of stuff needs to be dealt with at some point. So the girls and I have been working away and it feels great.

Back to the reading....a dear friend of mine suggested a book to me that she adored called, Made to Crave. It deals with our issue of craving food and desiring a deeper relationship with God. It has been amazing. I got it two days ago and I'm almost done with it. I HIGHLY recommend this book for any woman who has ever gotten irritated over comments made, images in the mirror, unmet goals, lack of drive to exercise..etc. We are going to do the DVD study this summer with friends from co-op as well. So amazing. So far, I am off sugar and anything that turns to sugar in my body, which usually would make me cranky. However, this time it is not about me. It is totallly about God and what He wants for me and the temple He created. So, I know I will have bad days but so far, so good. If I lose weight on this journey, that is a bonus, but my goal has shifted to learning to crave God more and food less.

Second book that I am reading, God's Girl. I want to be able to read it first and then share it with my girls and possibly the Girls Club girls in our co-op. I am very pleased with what I have read so far. Gracious! My girls will benefit from this great book helping young ladies become girls sold out for Jesus. What a gift!

With both books, I keep coming back to one statement in the Made to Crave book....What is it in your life that you crave more than Jesus? Are you willing to give it up? That made me hurt...yet I loved thinking through the things that I do put ahead of Him. My goal for crave Jesus more than anything in my life and to be able to set our house in order including time time with the girls to show them how to do the same thing...crave Jesus more than anything in t heir life. Can you imagine learning such a valuable truth at their ages? What a gift.
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