Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year~ Fresh Focus

I realize I might be a little behind in posting this, but hey, it's still January! I just really want to have it written somewhere to help me stay accountable to this goal in  my life. So, with that, let me back pedal a bit...
There are times in my life where I have the best intentions of doing better, speaking better, living better, and yet I don't. I drop the ball. I get short with my family (hard to imagine, I know:) , I don't sit down for Quiet Time yet again, I leave the house a mess, I miss opportunities to pour truth into my girls and I walk right on past where God wants me to be. I miss it all. Why? Because I'm so focused on what I want to do in that moment I lose focus on what is most important. Kind of the Tyranny of the Urgent. Those things that scream loudest, get my attention. Yet, all that does for me is to truly leave me empty. I feel sad at the end of a year, my heart not full of the joy I know God desires for my life. So what's a girl to do?

For me, setting goals is key. So this year of 2014, I have chosen to focus in on two words to really fix the rest of my life around. My words for 2014 are PASSION and INTENTIONAL. I desire to be more passionate in the things God calls me to do...as a wife, mother, daughter, leader, friend. I want to be sold out for HIM in all I do. When someone is passionate about what they are doing, they are contagious. You love being around them because they ooze joy and passion for whatever it is they adore. I want to be that way about JESUS to my girls. I want them to see that I am so passionate about JESUS that I ooze HIS love and truth in every aspect of my life. I want them to see that I am so passionate about being a Godly wife, that I ooze the love of Christ on my husband and that the calling to be their mom is such a passionate calling in my life that I ooze the love of Christ all over them as well. I want them to see the  passion I feel inside starting to ooze all over whatever I'm doing.

Being intentional seems natural for some people. Most of the time it can be for me as well. I often choose people over tasks. I know that jobs can wait but people are only here for a time. So I get that, but there are times I use that as a way to get out of  things. Being honest here. So in my goal to be more intentional with all I do, I need to carry that in all areas of my life. Wherever God places me for that moment, I desire to be intentional in that moment..with the people there, with the job at hand, with the calling given. That will require me to stay focused on that moment and not get lost in my daydreams or my "fixing it" mentality which can creep its way in without me realizing it. Being intentional is really about being sold out in that moment, fully engaged and prepared to do whatever it is God has called me to do...laundry, meals, hug my girls for some much needed cuddle time. I don't want to waste one moment of time over my agenda or need to fix something. I want to get lost in memories and moments God has placed on my journey this year.

So, I leave this post up as a reminder to myself to stay passionate about what God  has called me to do in life and to be intentional while there. I'm eager to see how this year pans out but so far...loving it!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow Fun!

WE have been experiencing some beautiful snowfalls lately. I thought I'd take a sec and post some pics of the fun we've had in the snow...as well as some shots that are just beautiful! :)

The girls decided to dive into the snow...swimsuit on, hat on..bare feet! Oh my!

They also made a new friend. :) 

Even our furry guy enjoyed the snow. 

Bean loves to take pictures. She asked Doodle to put on one of 
her dance costumes and pose. And they are beautiful! 
Blessed by the ballerina and the photographer! :) 

Our road...beauty.

Some hate snow, but I love the way it reminds me of how God allowed His Son to die for me and cover my sins white as snow. AS I look out my window and see a fresh blanket of unmarked snow, I can't help but immediately think of this gift. Precious reminder. :) 
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