Friday, August 8, 2014

Time Flies is the Truth

      Yesterday, I sat in my living room playing with these two and today we are all preparing for their launch to college. It does not seem possible. I have a mixed bag of emotions, as the aunt. I am so excited to see where God has brought them this far and I just can't wait to see where He takes them next. On the other hand, their heading off to school will start a chain reaction, much like their coming into our families did 18 years ago. Before long, we will all have empty nests and I think about that from time to time. If I were to talk to all 10 kiddos in our families, what would I want them to know before walking out into the world to spread their wings? What did I need to hear before doing the same? What things did I learn the hard way and want to share the wisdom from that lesson to spare them the same pain?

      And then it hits me....they have to fly off and fail in their own ways. It might be just silly stuff which we will giggle about for years to come or it might be stuff that makes our heart ache when we recall it, regardless, those lessons coming down the road are theirs to experience. The only thing I can offer as a loving aunt is my loving ear and shoulder when needed. (and maybe a little money from time to time:))

     So, sweet kiddos, I could not love you more. I could not be more proud of who you have become or excited to see such potential in where God is going to use each of you. My only real advice is to cling to Him and His Word and anything that goes against His Word is not worth it in the end. All the world offers is shiny and exciting and promises such empty pleasures....but seek Him before being fooled. You are His and when in doubt, just take a breath and listen to Him. He will never leave you or forsake you. And if you ever make a silly choice, just know I enjoy a good laugh as much as the next and my door is always open to listen to your heart aches and joys. Go shine for Him! You are ready for this and you are going to rock this world for Him, I just know it. And every once in a while...maybe just once in a while you might send your old Neeny a note. Love you guys! 

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