Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Plans

Well, it has been a very long time since I have written on my blog. Since the last entry, Matt has had his knee surgery and is healing very well. He is off his crutches now and just getting around so much better. God is so good! The girls were excellent helpers when he was down. Two weeks off work seemed so long before his surgery and after it seemed to fly by! He will still be in physical therapy for a while. We are praying for complete healing and ultimately that he would be able to run again. He misses that so much.

We are celebrating Doodle's adoption day today. With all the hubbub of Matt's surgery and school, we all missed it on the 8th. So today we go to see the Veggie's movie and out to eat. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate the day we were made a forever family. What a gift! God knew what He was doing when he brought this family together and we are just so thankful for the chance to thank Him as we celebrate today. Thank you for this precious gift!

Our next big adventure for the weekend will be going to church. I know that sounds harmless to most. However, we have been attending a new church since October, I think. The girls have stayed with us so far. So Sunday is the day they are going to branch out and check out the kids program. We have been told that at 9:30 they would stay together. So that is what we will do until they are able to meet friends of their own and feel comfortable. So we are praying that happens quickly. Truly we are really praying God continues to give us direction as to where He desires us to worship and serve. We have such different requests than the average family. We are not into the youth group as much as we are desiring family activities and service opportunities. So, that is hard to find. However, we are so happy with the Biblical preaching we are being challenged with each week. It reminds us so much of Mr. Dave! We had missed that for three years. We still really miss our friends from E91. It is hard. But we know we are doing what God desires for our family at this time. Transitions are just hard. No matter how old.

I am off now to do the laundry. We have been trying to get chores and etc done before Sunday so we can all spend a day relaxing as God had designed. That does not always happen, but it is a goal we continue to try to attain. keeping the Lord's Day separate. Not a bad plan...we'll see what happens this week!

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