Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cocoa Time!

Last week, we enjoyed spending time with our friends, the Stumpf's. While visiting, we picked up a couple handy ideas, as usual. :) One of these ideas which all the Miller girls enjoyed was Cocoa Time. Who doesn't like a good cup of cocoa? At their home, each morning is met with a cup of cocoa and God's Word after animal chores. Well, the only animal we have is a a dog so that doesn't take long but we so needed assistance in getting kids out of bed and to the kitchen for breakfast as well as for Bible time without whining. My girls did not complain one day about getting up and going with this lovely greeting.

Upon my return home, I decided to implement this time into our day as well. So today was our first cocoa time! We all were up, most showered and dressed and at the table ready to begin our day in God's Word together. My husband takes the girls to BSF so that is what we worked on and then had quiet time reading what we wanted to in God's Word. After reading, we prayed and started breakfast. What a lovely way to start the day. God's Word is sweet to the soul and let's face it, nothing hits the spot on cool days like that sweet cup of cocoa. The two are a great match. Teaching my kids to start their day in God's Word is something I have tried for years but had not had success in finding a way to do it where they were eager to get out of bed. Problem solved. Thanks Lainie! :) Now if you can figure out something for the afternoon uglies that would be great! :)

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Nicole said...

What an awesome idea! Love it - and you guys... So glad you had fun. Miss you girl! And your family too!

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